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Welcome to Acid Staining Ft Lauderdale! Your Prime Floor Care Partner!

With our vast experience since 1986, you are assured that your floor will be handled with utmost care. We are proud to say that we are a Certified Retro-plate System applicator, specializing in concrete floor polishing and acid staining. We help you catch up with the trend of having polished and stained concrete flooring. Check out the following features:

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October 31, 2014 |

Acid Staining Fort Lauderdale

Acid Staining Fort Lauderdale Experts Will Turn Your Bland Concrete into Marble-like Flooring Have you ever gone through home design magazines and wondered how they make those floors look so gorgeous? Would you believe that some of those were not pricey stones like marble and granite but were made out of concrete? Just like with our acid staining Fort Lauderdale services!  We offer a cost effective way of turning bland concrete into natural stone flooring without the need to buy expensive stone floor materials. Many people are now practically looking for cost-effective ways of making their floors look like expensive floor materials. Thanks to the ingenious acid staining procedure! This is one option that...

October 31, 2014 |

Concrete Stained Fort Lauderdale

Concrete Stained Fort Lauderdale Pros Uncover the Notable Features of Concrete There is a new trend in finishing residential and commercial spaces, thus making contractors bid goodbye to formerly preferred flooring materials such as marble, granite and slate. In fact, concrete stained Fort Lauderdale polished floors cost the fraction of what home builders and renovators usually spend on the ‘good’ flooring materials. Here are a few practical things that will make you consider having polished and stained concrete floors for your space: It is eco- friendly. Though it may not look like it, sealed concrete has a low environmental impact that makes it sustainable, eco-friendly and a superb material for your surroundings It is...

October 31, 2014 |

Concrete Floor Polishing Fort Lauderdale

The age of wood, marble, granite and ceramic is gone as concrete flooring is the new-fangled “in” for home and commercial space renovation. Concrete floor polishing Fort Lauderdale services may be your thing if you are looking for an affordable way to spruce up your property. Why is that so? One of the first things that could answer that question is that concrete flooring is easy to maintain and cannot be damaged that easily. That is why concrete floors are highly preferred by establishments such as hospitals, high-end restaurants and offices. Concrete is also easy to improve because it can either be painted on, stained, stamped or even polished – making it a decorator’s...

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